Big Sky Journal said, “Boxer Marvin Camel’s life story is the stuff Hollywood movies are made of.”
It’s time to do just that. In the words he uses to introduce himself to anyone he meets, it’s time to bring “Marvin Camel, Boxing Champion of the World!” onto the screen.
Born on the Flathead Reservation to a Native American mother and an African American father, Marvin Camel’s story is about his rise out of poverty and racism through his strength – both physical and mental – to withstand, and triumph over, adversity and pain.
The twice-crowned World Champion in the Cruiserweight Division, and the first World Champion boxer from Montana, Camel often wore his eagle-feather headdress in photos and before entering the ring, to represent the Salish-Kootenai people, and Montana. He ran the trails of the Mission Mountains to train, and said of himself, “The hills and fresh air of Montana made Marvin Camel.”
Montana will be prominently featured throughout this film – the allure of the landscapes, the richness of the culture, the beauty and strength of the people, and the insatiable pull Marvin feels now and always has – to return to his home state, because of his deep love for it.
In addition to the rise and success of Marvin, this story includes raw truth about the struggles of life on the Reservation, the unscrupulous predators and other dangers of life in the ring, and the heartbreak of loss. But, as Marvin has said, “. . . for the past 30 years, deep inside I thought, in my mind, that there was still something out there for me to happily go though, before my life ends.”
That “something” is the film, CAMEL.

Camel is Marvin Camel’s long awaited story, about his rise out of hardship through unwavering dedication to his sport, and the battles he fought, inside and outside the ring, to become the first Cruiserweight Boxing Champion of the World, and the first Native American Boxing Champion of the World.


Camel will be the first movie in the popular boxing genre that tells the story of a Native American boxing Champion.
Promotes awareness about the legacy of Native American Boxing Champion of the world.
In a popular genre, showcases the struggles with racism and economic challenges on the Reservation.
An inspirational drama.
Stories about Native American people are welcome in the current culture, and need to be told!