Black Boots


In 1942, three black men – Oliver, Morgan and Herman – entered a special chapter in history as part of the first group of new recruits accepted into the segregated Marine Corps boot camp at Montford Point in North Carolina. Black Boots is the story of their struggles, courage and friendship from times of segregation to 2012 when American government bestows them with a Congressional Gold Medal.

Montford Point, a military base in North Carolina, trained the first African-Americans accepted into the U.S. Marine Corps during a time of segregation. These Marines fought for the nation in World War II. They broke ‘racial norms’ of the times as well as military records.

Montford Point Marines were recognized for their bravery and achievements on 27 June 2012 with a Congressional Gold Medal. It took 70 years to bring them this recognition.

Their story of physical, political and social struggle is worthy of being heard. Black Boots brings to light the story of heroism displayed by a race, as a tribute to the courage and valor of the first African-American Marines.

  • Drama
  • History
  • War