“Brown” is a fictional feature-length film about an illegal immigrant brown man, who arrives in a small run-down mountain town, looking for a fresh start at a legitimate life. After getting fired from under the table work as a taxi driver, he becomes dependent on jobs from his crazy friend, the local shyster, and starts to get pulled into an underworld he doesn’t belong. He is able to stay mostly outside of the illegal business until he meets a seven year old white street orphan girl that forces him to care for her. In the end, he has to figure a way to save himself and the girl from the bad business and hopefully make a new life for the two of them.

Filmmaker and Writer Raj Amit Kumar made his first feature film, UNFREEDOM, with renowned actors such as BAFTA nominee Victor Banerjee, and Life of Pi’s Adil Hussain. Unfreedom was released in North America and travelled several international film festivals winning Best Film and Best debutant Director Awards. It was also nominated for a Best Sound Editing Golden Reel, and received notoriety overseas and was banned in India.
Raj Amit Kumar finished his PhD coursework in Cinema & Media Studies at Southern Illinois University-Carbondale (SIUC), and received the Faculty Screenwriting Award from the University of Film and Video Association (UFVA). Prior to attending SIUC, Kumar graduated with a Masters of Arts in Cinema & Media Studies from City University of New York (CUNY), where he received the George Custen Memorial Award for Academic Excellence.
Kumar is also a travelled speaker and educator. He has taught Cinema Theory and History at both his alma maters, and his writings and research papers have been published and presented at various conferences.

Written, Produced & Directed By
Raj Amit Kumar
Director of Photography
Hari Nair

Line Producer (New Delhi)
Jen Johnson
Co-writer and Chief Asst. Director
Damon J Taylor

Kristin Smith
Sound Design
Resul Pookutty