An undocumented immigrant dogged by ICE is pursuing a respectable life in a snowy American mountain town. He tries to go unnoticed yet can’t help sticking out. He finds warmth in unconventional relationships with a young orphan girl he rescues, the call girl who falls in love with him and his crooked friend. The starkness of his circumstances offers him increasingly unclear choices until he is blackmailed by his unlawful friend. Will Aryan betray the land he lives in or will America kill him first?

Award winning Filmmaker and Writer, Raj Amit Kumar made his first feature film titled UNFREEDOM in 2015 with renowned actors such as BAFTA nominee Victor Banerjee and Life of Pi’s Adil Hussain, renowned technicians such as Oscar Winner Slumdog Millionaire’ Resul Pukkootty. Unfreedom was banned by Indian government and the film not only received notoriety but also was critical acclaimed. The film was theatrically released in North America. The film is now available worldwide on NETFLIX.
aj Amit Kumar finished his Ph.D. Coursework in Cinema and Media studies at Southern Illinois University (SIUC) in 2009. That same year, he received the Faculty Screenwriting Award at University of film and Video Association (UFVA). Prior to attending SIUC, Kumar graduated with Masters of Arts in Cinema and Media Studies from City University of New York (CUNY) in 2006 where he received the George Custen Memorial Award for Academic Excellence.
Kumar is also a Speaker and Teacher. He has taught cinema theory and history at both his alma maters, CUNY and SIUC. His writings and research papers have been published and presented at various conferences.

Raj Amit Kumar
Covellite Studios

Sound Designer/Editor
Resul Pookutty
Hari Nair

Wayne Sharpe
Co-Writer/ First AD
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