Dark Frames’ primary business is developing and producing Movies, TV & Web Series. We create fully developed packages beginning from the Story Concept, and Intellectual Property through finished screenplays, and then attaching talent and creating viable producing packages in the film Industry. We produce and align with producing partners for productions and subsequent distribution.


We Develop and Pitch Projects for Production

Working with accomplished screenwriters and other film professionals, Dark Frames organizes resources for completing unique and powerful script ideas that can be packaged, pitched, sold and produced.

This takes place in three stages:

Stage 1

At Dark Frames, we develop Screenplays for Feature Films.
We also develop Pilot Episodes and Full Season Screenplays for TV and Web Series.

Stage 2

In Stage 2, we package the project for pitching to probable co-producers and investors. This Packaging involves creation of audio-visual material which can be Trailer, Posters, Pilots, Mood Boards with Audio commentary etc.

Stage 3

We pitch the complete package at different film markets, festivals, networking events or directly to probable companies who might be interested in co-producing.